How To Get Away With Loving Yoga

Everyone has been one….a Newbie to Yoga

TBH: Yes, it’ll be a little weird, different, there’s a lingo that Yoga teachers speak and you’ll be asked to do some breathing exercises. But quite honestly, the less judgment you go into a class about Yourself, you’ll see what all the craze is about All Things Yoga.

I went ahead and compiled a list of items and suggestions to get you started—so that you can hop on your mat & feel at least Intermediate 😉

First thing’s first, you’ll need a Yoga Mat.

You can walk into a Yoga studio & trust their rental mats, but nothing yells “I came for Savasana!” more than having your own surface to practice on

My very first Yoga mat is by Gaiam. She’s my Ride or Die ✊🏽till this day, so I highly recommend their mats.

Here’s Gaiam’s Beginners Kit (it includes: yoga mat, a yoga block and a yoga strap for those hard to reach areas) for $29.98!!

You’ll be walking around like a pro, no one will suspect you’re new to the game

Unless you’re a person who doesn’t sweat ever (ps. I don’t trust non-sweaty folks) You’ll find microfiber towels to be your bestie.

They come in handy whether you take a class in room temperature or try a hot style sesh, you’ll work up a sweat and don’t want to be slipping and sliding 😅 Yes there’s stretching in Yoga, but trust you’ll create some body heat. I picked up a Yoga Rat towel from a Marshall’s some years ago and she never lets me down.

You can find some on Amazon starting at $7.99

🙅🏻‍♀️This one is for my Bronx peeps🙅🏾‍♂️

What better way to try different Hot Yoga classes than never having to leave our borough & do so at a great starting price?! 😲

Grab your bestie or that Yogi in your life and lock in a Month’s worth of Unlimited classes. New Year, New Yogi? 👀

I signed up earlier this month and I am loving their variety of class types such as Bikram, Bodhi and Yin. They’re conveniently located at 5500 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10463. Bikram Yoga Bronx GroupOn for $51.00 ($140 Value)

Recommended Yogi Read Alert 🚨

“Yoga and the Pursuit of Happiness: A Guide to Finding Joy in Unexpected Places” By: Sam Chase Besides him being one of my favorite Yoga Teacher Trainers… his writing style and explanation of finding joy is relatable, to the point and while reading just felt like I was in a classroom once more with him (& trust he doesn’t put you to sleep)

Do yourself the favor and grab yourself or someone you love a copy—available in paperback & kindle.

I must share my new jump off…a Podcast recommendation 🤓

J. Brown has what I consider a similar passion and desire to share Yoga as I do. He describes his work as “a quiet revolution, based in healing. [He] seeks to change the dialogue, and direction, of yoga in the west”.

The discussions have been refreshing to hear and relate to as a yogi student/teacher. It reminds me of how awesome Yoga is and will continue to be 💕

Yoga Talks has featured Pedro Luna IG: @Yogimemes, Dr. Loren Fishman, and so many others. Plug in to Yoga Talks today.

Side-note: Dr. Fishman is on the faculty at Prema Yoga Institute for his Yoga for Back Care expertise. I’ve had the pleasure to sit in on his lectures for PYI’s Yoga In Healthcare Training. Side-Side note: I received a Prema Yoga Therapy application I must get to ASAP (ah!)

Last but certainly not least….Have you seen my first YouTube Vid yet?? Check it out 👍🏽

Color Faded

I remember her….

Her scent, the deepness in her eyes, the way she swayed as though nothing can get through her.

She carried herself like no other I’ve seen before.

She made me believe.

That’s what drew me to her in the first place.

I felt alive the very moment I noticed her.

Instantly I felt warmth from her shine,

Like that of the Sun’s rays on a Spring day

She was vibrant

Her smile...I can’t erase, even if i tried

Her hair was lustrous, eyes were full, skin was smooth. 

I couldn’t resist imagining getting close enough to experience her touch.

Naturally, another season came

Some took her for granted 

She came around less 

And I felt a sense of loss

Her smile wasn’t what I remembered it

One day, she wasn’t even recognizable 

She had an evident lackluster presence

Intuition told me she was hiding something

Then one day. 

The one I looked forward to see,

Made a comeback

I’m glad I kept waiting for the day

I had to let her know she was missed

& praised her for always letting her true colors shine

No matter how bright or dull they became

I loved her the same*

Secret Life

You have this glare in your eyes

that reels me in

I give you my undivided attention

My drum beat speeds up in my chest

I’m forced to think about my breathing

I have to calm myself around you

& You

You strut around as if none of this is wrong

You step all over me

Know just what I’d want you to say & do

& I

I feel like I’m doing overtime on my downtime

Every time you come around

& You

You treat me indifferently

Which drives me insane and spins me out of control

How the fuck do you do it?

Every. Single. Time.

& You

You walk away like nothing

& I

I clean up the mess you leave you behind

I called to tell you…

We are living separate lives

& only one of them is real

Hey Love, I've Fallen Out

Hey Love, I’ve written about you. Falling in and out of you to be exact….


In my perfect world, I’d walk towards him at the airport, give him a stare in which he’ll say “what?”. And there, I’ll just say it…”I love you”. Either that or I’ll ask him “guess what?” just so that he can say “what?”. As a perfectionist, I want the moment to be special of course. Me just saying it wouldn’t be enough. I want it to be natural, the song of triumph to play as I find the opportunity, those 2 seconds with no noise/interruption and catch him off-guard. I want this to be a moment I’ll never forget. Would he say it back? or say nothing and make me feel rejected like that day I surprised him with his favorite cologne.


The day arrived, landed at JFK. He looked stunning of course. The words just hung out beneath my tongue.

8/10/2011 5:10am

I woke up in tears. And in order to not drive myself insane, I thought writing would ease me up a bit. This whole thing has me losing myself. I’ve been contemplating and even rehearsing how I would tell him I love him, yet that speech remains stuck in my throat. Two weeks ago I texted him “How much do you love me?” He didn’t respond.

We spoke the next day and he said he loved “us”. He said by him saying he loves me, he’d be placing all his eggs in one basket. *ouch

8/22/2011 8:15pm

I finally told him! We were heading downtown on the 6. A male passenger said “Isn’t being in love nice?”

He didn’t say anything. Stranger added “I can tell she loves you by the way she looks at you”. I blushed and would’ve done anything to disappear in that moment in time. I kept silent and pretended to not hear the guy. I wondered what he thought all the way going local downtown.

Later that night, after having a few too many drinks. I told him in the middle of the dance floor. He said it right back, no hesitation.


We went to a wedding this past weekend. Our time there was calm, relaxing and full of laughter. During the wedding reception, he got closer to me as we slow danced and whispered “don’t get any ideas”. Which of course I tried not to…he should’ve warned me earlier.


We haven’t argued lately. I passed my licensure exam this morning! My therapist is recommending EMDR treatment in our sessions. I’m honestly uneasy about going into my childhood memories.


I did Yoga yesterday. Instead of Hot Yoga, I tried Vinyasa, its very flowy and certainly something to get use to. I gave it my all during those 60 mins and in a room at 100 degrees! I was fighting with myself to close-out the practice without any negativity. The instructor began reading “The Invitation”. So I laid there and I began to cry with a smile. Those words spoke to me again.


I’ve fallen from the tops of my self-worth. I can’t seem to wrap my head around what’s going on. Maybe it’s still too new and even from the very beginning I knew it was too good to be true. I’ve cried to sleep lately, letting my tears hit the pillow silently, yet I want to yell your eardrums out. Reality has checked in, I must’ve been in some deep trance, but this feels so real and I’d rather go back to dreaming.


He broke up with me today.


He called me this morning, to tell me he loves me and misses me. He then asked “where do we stand?”

What the fuck does he think he’s asking me? That moment you doubted me was the same moment I began giving up.


I went to see him today. woke up around 6:30am and left my house at 7:30am. Last time we met just us two, it was back in March. We held hands this time. Last time we touched was the day he broke up with me.


I must be out of my mind. He got me so upset, but instead of confronting him, I’ll write about it like always. Deal with it on my own and like every-fucking-thing else, I don’t say shit. I came home today, he arrived a little after. He went straight to using his laptop and we got physical, purely sexual. He didn’t even look at me. Nothing intellectual, no substance. It’s now 11pm and he’s knocked out. I’ll probably caress his head and watch tv until I knock out. This is what I waited for.


I was considering purchasing him a movado watch for Valentine’s/4 year-ish anniversary but I decided not to since he said he didn’t want to exchange gifts this year. He said they weren’t his priority this year.


I’m fucking livid. We had yet another argument this morning because I turned him down in the shower. I was running late and my mind was occupied after finding out my grandfather was in the hospital and even more so I was pissed I found out through Facebook.


He broke up with me that night of my last entry (3/5/15). I haven’t written because this shit is too painful. I read my previous entries and I should’ve seen this coming. I have this twisted scenario replaying in my mind, where he’d be home by the time I get in. He’ll apologize and realize what a big mistake he’s made… yet again.

But each day passes, he isn’t here and I’m losing hope.

3 Tips To Find Zen While Adulting

When it’s Thursday morning, you have 2 full days of work remaining, and your staff meeting is dragginggggg

When it’s Thursday morning, you have 2 full days of work remaining, and your staff meeting is dragginggggg

Because Let's Face It, Adulting Isn't Easy

“Adulting” is defined as behaving in an adult manner; to engage in activities associated with adulthood. Basically, excel at work, pay your bills on time, do laundry, keep a clean home, maintain a social life on and offline, drink enough water, take your vitamins (daily), text everyone back like you thought you did but didn’t (guilty), have a decent credit score, stay sane, survive and be happy. Phew!

Lucky for you…

Today I’m sharing three practical tips on how you can Zen your day practically anywhere, anytime and get you through the rest of the week!

  1. Close your eyes. If you’re on a jam packed MTA train/bus, *Susan (that annoying coworker) sat right next you…again, you’ve been staring at a computer/phone screen and need to refocus. The first step towards becoming more grounded or Zen, is a self-study (inward) moment. So go ahead, close those eyes and and chill with your soul.

2. Find your breath. Exhale allll your breath out & take a gentle full Inhale through your nose. Say to yourself “Let”. Then Exhale your breath through your nose saying to yourself “Go”.

*Rinse & Repeat As Needed

3. Scan your least noticeable tension. If you’re reading this…release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw, remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. & enjoy.

Don’t ever forget: You deserve to treat yo self. It’s quick, easy and can prevent from going Ape shit on *Susan.

*In case you were wondering, I do have an annoying coworker, but that persons’ name isn’t Susan :)

Boogie Down Yoga

This past Sunday True Image Yoga held a Free sesh at the Bronx Brewery! 

Huge shout to: The Bronx Brewery, @pixbybanx for the photos below, @djrbi & @djnarco for the music, @addicteddesigns for the merchandise and online store (more info below), @stevelucin for the promo flyers, @guazabara.earthstrong for the Kombucha, @jelynn01 for the natural skin food, and @dotty_x for the breathtaking Buddha painting she completed during our class.

The backyard space was ideal with its infamous mural. Participants walked through the Brewery's tap room and enjoyed a Free 60 minute Yoga session held by yours truly. I had some friends assist me in making this a unique experience. 

Started class with collective breaths (Pranayama) Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Three good reasons for practicing this Pranayama:

1. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces blood pressure.

2. It enhances respiratory functions: increases respiratory strength and endurance.

3. It improve attention and fine-motor coordination/performance. 

Child's Pose offered at the very beginning as part of Yoga to the People "tradition"

Child's Pose offered at the very beginning as part of Yoga to the People "tradition"

Opening up our shoulders in Downward Facing Dog

Opening up our shoulders in Downward Facing Dog

Warrior I

Warrior I

Warrior II

Warrior II

Provided a variation of Tree Poses to the class--I love how focused everyone is

Provided a variation of Tree Poses to the class--I love how focused everyone is

Sweet surrender and another opportunity for students to practice Self-Study

Sweet surrender and another opportunity for students to practice Self-Study

Self-study (Svadhyaya) has the potential to deepen our  yoga  practice way beyond the mat

Self-study (Svadhyaya) has the potential to deepen our yoga practice way beyond the mat

If you can have your students smile, even in Chair Pose, then that's a huge accomplishment!

If you can have your students smile, even in Chair Pose, then that's a huge accomplishment!

Getting that good stretch for the lower back in Camel Pose

Getting that good stretch for the lower back in Camel Pose

Group love

Group love

During the event, True Image Yoga and AddictedDesigns brought out Merchandise samples. The online store is up and running. Tanks are available in Women and Men's sizes. 

Check it out!


Here's to many more successful Yoga in the Bronx.

Slaychella '18

Friends and I landed in LAX and drove to Indio, California for the second weekend of the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend. I can happily and proudly say I attended Coachella at least once in my life.

Enjoy the bomb pics we took and you know I had to whip out some Yoga moves as well. 

There was a whole lot of glitter, sun, water, walking, photo opps, admiration of others' styles and of course the performers. I was psyched for Daniel Caesar, Kygo, SZA, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Beyonce, Miguel, Cardi B, Portugal. The Man, Odesza and Eminem. No one disappointed. Thank goodness for Yoga poses & stretches throughout those three 7+ hour days. 
Day 1: I found this head chain at Claire's around the same time I got my lil hands on Fenty's Freckle Fiesta! 

Day 1: I found this head chain at Claire's around the same time I got my lil hands on Fenty's Freckle Fiesta! 


The Art Installations were definitely unique. My favorite were; The Lodestar and Spectra

Lodestar by Day

Lodestar by Day

Lodestar @ Night 

Lodestar @ Night 



My Day 1-3's



What made my experience at Coachella thee most fun was going with one of my best friends Ralphy, his sister Adriana and her friend Sabrina. Talk about good vibes.

Ralphy is a seasoned Coachella goer, so he hooked it up from the car rental, food, dranks, goodies and air bnb booking. Can't forget to give him credit for all the awesome photos and videos he took. Follow his IG @pixbybanx & @antoniobanx

Day 2 aka Beychella 

I found this Lollapalooza bathing suit and it went well with MAC's Matte Royal lipstick and had to go in with their Glitter Brillants "Iridescent White" as highlight.

Day 3...Sunday the Lord rested, but we sure didn't
Day 3: I wanted a more laid back look, dressed it down with a denim skirt (thanks le tote), my Feminist shirt, Quay shades and Stila's Fiery Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. Had to re-apply just once after eating some pizza.

Day 3: I wanted a more laid back look, dressed it down with a denim skirt (thanks le tote), my Feminist shirt, Quay shades and Stila's Fiery Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. Had to re-apply just once after eating some pizza.

You know I HAD to 


Until next time Cali...



I bow to thee. I bow to the divine in you. I honor the sacredness and equality in us all.

When the universe conspires...

Earlier this month, I received a message from Zymbol®. Below is one of their popular pieces Crystal Wrap Bracelet. 

Zymbol® was ‘accidentally’ created when the company Founder was doodling. After discovering all the letters and numbers the Short family decided to create a line of inspirational jewelry based around the design. The concept? When you wear or gift a Zymbol® it can mean anything you want because it contains every letter of the alphabet! They named it Zymbol® as it is one symbol that represents all letters, A to Z.

Zymbol® included this message "Trust The Yoga"--what a nice reminder that by trusting my instinct and practice it would lead me to share Yoga. Been brainstorming on how else I can share my practice with the Bronx community...more on that soon! 

Stay tuned on how you can enter to win this giveaway!

In the mean time, what would your Zymbol® message be? 

3 Small Acts of Self-Love

There's countless ways you can practice self-love. Today I'm sharing three ways how I've practiced taking care of me first. 

1. Acts of kindness. Here is a photo from my visit to Bali last year. After a long day of walking to three beautiful temples, there was an enormous pond of Koi Fish and visitors can feed them. I was smiling so hard because they knew what time it was once I sat near them with their food. 

2. Set yourself a bath. This past Friday, I tried out a new Bath Oil from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. This one is their Furze has dried elderflower and amaranth flowers along with neroli oil swirls, jojoba oil, moisturizing mix of extra virgin coconut oil, organic shea and cocoa butters. You just drop this bad boy in the tub and watch the oils swirl and welcome your dry-ass Winter skin. I came out shiny as ever ;)

3. Positive Affirmations with a twist. These cute mason jars were gifted as a housewarming gift and the best part, you can personalize them! So on this particular day, I needed a little reminder. I have the best advice. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love hear about your self-love practices. 

Be the Best Friend you can have