Where To Find An All-Embracing Yoga Community

As confident as I try to be, I doubted myself in becoming a yoga teacher. 

Why?! you may ask....*Sighs deeply* Because I am a woman of color. A Latina. I'm 5' and I wear a C cup ;)

Most classes I've attended have been taught by white female instructors who are slim, blonde, possibly a combination of Vata & Pitta types. I didn't see enough women of color either teaching or as many filling up the yoga class space.  & to be honest, it is intimidating. 

My Hermana (sorority sister) who is also a yoga teacher (woohoo!) forwarded me Setu's photo shoot event this past September. Immediately I thought, "okay...let me see just how diverse this online community is". Can't tell you enough how beautiful it is to see pages of Yoga Teachers from the Bronx to London and everywhere in between. 

Veronica Saravia 3.jpg

Here's a little bit about their mission: 

Setu is an inclusive community-driven directory of yoga teachers that encourages diversity and positive relationships.

Setu aims to represent yoga teachers of all races, ethnicities, orientations and geographical locations. The goal is to unite the yoga community and recognize each teacher who contributes to it.


To my fellow Yoga teachers, visit their website at https://setu.yoga/

Click here to join and submit your fabulous profile. You can potentially find new students/teaching opportunities, network with other teachers, and receive exposure for your practice and more.