Color Faded

I remember her….

Her scent, the deepness in her eyes, the way she swayed as though nothing can get through her.

She carried herself like no other I’ve seen before.

She made me believe.

That’s what drew me to her in the first place.

I felt alive the very moment I noticed her.

Instantly I felt warmth from her shine,

Like that of the Sun’s rays on a Spring day

She was vibrant

Her smile...I can’t erase, even if i tried

Her hair was lustrous, eyes were full, skin was smooth. 

I couldn’t resist imagining getting close enough to experience her touch.

Naturally, another season came

Some took her for granted 

She came around less 

And I felt a sense of loss

Her smile wasn’t what I remembered it

One day, she wasn’t even recognizable 

She had an evident lackluster presence

Intuition told me she was hiding something

Then one day. 

The one I looked forward to see,

Made a comeback

I’m glad I kept waiting for the day

I had to let her know she was missed

& praised her for always letting her true colors shine

No matter how bright or dull they became

I loved her the same*

Secret Life

You have this glare in your eyes

that reels me in

I give you my undivided attention

My drum beat speeds up in my chest

I’m forced to think about my breathing

I have to calm myself around you

& You

You strut around as if none of this is wrong

You step all over me

Know just what I’d want you to say & do

& I

I feel like I’m doing overtime on my downtime

Every time you come around

& You

You treat me indifferently

Which drives me insane and spins me out of control

How the fuck do you do it?

Every. Single. Time.

& You

You walk away like nothing

& I

I clean up the mess you leave you behind

I called to tell you…

We are living separate lives

& only one of them is real