✨’New Beginnings’ Magic

Feliz FriYay 🥳


Today’s also the first day of my next Yoga Teacher Training

Since my Yoga Teacher Training in the Summer of 2015, I kept telling myself this “Yoga Teaching” would be something separate from my professional work. It was a hobby I had all to my little self 😈.

Deep down though, I knew both Yoga and Psychotherapy would merge…I just didn’t feel it yet.

Mindful meditation and later having a Yoga practice is what helped me cope both as an Undergraduate and Graduate student. My therapist has always encouraged me to continue having a steady practice. & it was during a session that I vocalized having an idea of being an instructor out loud. My therapist watered that seed 🌱

November 2015, I came across Prema Yoga Therapeutics as I was looking into Yoga Therapy certification programs. That following Spring, I took the Ayurveda training & found a new home 😌

Just last week, it was announced that Prema Yoga Institute is now officially fully accredited as an IAYT Yoga Therapy Training School. Blessings on blessings peeps 🙏🏽

Here’s to the Magic in New Beginnings.

Whether it is the beginning of the day, a new month, a new season, training, a new job, meeting someone new…

Whatever it is, make sure to always 👇🏽