Welcome to True Image Yoga! You made it to my site – from my fave hard-to-finds, to emotional balance & physical health, and all the travel and fun in between. Yoga isn't always about being in a 105 degree room, wearing dope leggings on your way to becoming a contortionist. Not for me anyway. My message is Yoga is you and I hope to continue my self-growth and inspire others along the way.

My name is Veronica and some might say I'm a go-getter, insatiably curious and a ball of positive energy zenning out lives by day and strengthening my salsa calves by night...sorta like a super hero. Most importantly I'm a daughter, sister and best friend dedicating my time and spirit as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified Yoga teacher.

It's taken me years to peel the layers underneath all my masks (preferably clay) and do some internal work. Still am. So before stepping onto a mat for a comfortable seat like the photo above, trust me when I say, I'm still a work in progress.

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